The self-titled debut album from Meg and the Right Sound is a relentless dive into the human heart; its honest emotion captures a life at times chaotic but full of moments bright as tender gifts. Rich vocals, an optimistic beat, and energetic indie sound tell the story of what makes us us in songs that are both heartfelt and fun. “Our music is always searching. The ‘right sound’ we’re looking for isn’t just about the notes we play, it’s about trying to make sense of our multifaceted, messy lives. It’s about courage and hope just as much as regret and pain,” says Megan McDermott, lead vocalist and the driving force behind the band’s mesmerizing blend of soulful vocals, skillful harmony, and bright guitar.

Taking their inspiration from soul, indie folk, and the occasional burst of pop, MRS’s eclectic mix of genres is assertively carried by Megan Geruntho’s powerful vocals. “I’m all about ‘the voice,’” says Helen Leicht from WXPN. “It gives the listener an immediate connection to their soul. Meg’s voice is stunning – soulful and warm. Fans of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Alabama Shakes will love Meg and the Right Sound. They are a band to watch.”

Meg and the Right Sound began as a duo in 2014, with Megan Geruntho on vocals and Jason Sherman on guitar. With the addition of Chris Jakubowicz and Jeremy Bentley in early 2015, the band rounded out its already polished style with melodic bass and driving drum rhythms. “We were tired of the typical bar-band-music scene. Even when we started out playing covers, we played music we liked, not what was expected.” Today, the band plays original music, written and composed by Megan Geruntho and Jason Sherman.

The friendship binding these musicians together is apparent in their on-stage energy and their music’s seamless blend of lyric, sound, and execution. “We like to have fun onstage – drinking, making music, making smiles happen,” says Chris Jakubowicz.

When they aren’t showcasing at Tellus360 or World Cafe live, MRS can be found playing music at local distilleries and brew pubs in their hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Meg and the Right Sound’s self-titled album was released on March 11, 2016. It’s available for purchase on bandcamp.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD baby.


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