Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Swearin’

As #MRS gets pumped up to release some exciting news, I scan through old music to find just the right songs to fit my mood. I have recently been picking music like Alvvays, Cayetana, White Reaper and then these Brooklynites, Swearin’. They are a lot of fun! Check out their bandcamp page to hear their tracks and support their music! My favorite songs are Fat Chance, Dust in the Goldsack, Just and Irrational.

And visit our site again soon to hear about some cool new things to come!!


White Reaper

Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: White Reaper

Ermahgerd. Just check these amazing guys out. And love all of their music. And buy all of their tunes. Cool? Cool.


Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Tennis

This indie, surf pop band is the perfect thing to pull out of your fanny pack and explore as the weather gets warmer! Their first studio album, Cape Dory, is one of Meg’s favorites! You won’t be able to stop yourself from bobbing your head as you listen to Marathon or Long Boat Pass! Click here to check ’em out on Spotify!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O is one of Meg’s best-loved artists. Booming, intense vocals mixed with emotional, but strong writing makes for some awesome music. Her sophomore album with the YYYs, Fever to Tell is one of Meg’s favorites! There are so many great songs from Gold Lion to Way Out, to Cheated Hearts and Mysteries. It’s an oldie but goodie for sure!!

#MRS loves to pay tribute to the YYYs by covering Cheated Hearts and Maps when they play longer sets! Join them at Thistle Finch Distillery this coming Thursday to hear their take on YYYs live!

Springtime Carnivore

Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Springtime Carnivore

Looking for something new to listen to? Check out Springtime Carnivore’s self titled album! Greta Morgan’s hazy vocals will sweep you away! Two of #MRS’s favorite tracks are Collectors and Name on a Matchbook…although it’s hard to choose between all of her other dreamy psychedelia! Listen here today!

Screenshot 2015-03-21 at 8.53.41 AM

Blitzen Trapper: Furr

Music Picks

#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Blitzen Trapper

Furr has been stuck in my head all week! It’s a “throwback” to the sweet sweet times of 2008. If you haven’t checked out Blitzen Trapper, dooo ittt nowwww!! Their title track is FANTASTIC!!


Alabama Shakes

Music Picks

‪#‎MRS‬‘s obsesshhh of the week: Alabama Shakes!

Boys and Girls was an awesome album! Click to hear it now! We can’t wait for their new one, Sound and Color, to drop in April!


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Car Tunes (part 2)

Music Picks

As I mentioned in my last post, MRS pulls influences from a lot of fantastic female performers! Everything from Phantogram to Lake Street Dive to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. THEY ROCK!! So as promised, here is MRS’s summer lady list of awesome tunes!! Click here to take a listen to the full playlist on Spotify!!

Car Tunes (part 1)

Music Picks

I love finding a song or album that I can wind my windows down, pump up the volume and just enjoy the tunes, while the wind rips through my hair…I might look like a rat’s nest when I arrive at my destination, but the ride was totally thumping and totally worth it. I’ve decided that this summer, I will be compiling a playlist of a few of my favorite ladies and the tunes they so fantastically created. Here is a sneak peak!!

1) Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Show Your Bones (2006)

Epic album. Everytime I listen to the opener, Gold Lion, I just get jazzed. All of those “ooh ooh”s Karen O belts, make it imopossible not to sing along. She wanted to create a fresh sound with this album and I think the band succeeded! There is so much emotion behind her voice, you can’t help but fall-in-angst.

 2) Chvrches–The Bones of What You Believe (2013)

Ok. So this album isn’t actually a throw back or whatever, but it is one of my recent favorites. Lauren Mayberry really meshes their synthpop sound with her glorious glowing vocals. You won’t be able to stop yourself as you bob your head and dance along to all of their catchy tunes. She. is. fantastic. Check them out!!

3) Phantogram–Voices (2014)

I just have to say, SO MUCH ENERGY! Sarah Barthel knows how to bring it. Their sound is described as “lots of rhythms, swirling guitars, spacey keyboards, echoes, airy vocals”. You will be waving your arms in the air, like you just don’t care…just don’t forget you’re driving! Hey yey yey yahh!!!!

Check back again soon for a complete list of car-tunes in Meg’s Summer Playlist!